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Tele communication has come a long way from the time it was introduced. With the introduction of mobile phones, the tele communications industry has taken a huge leap. With telephones, talking to persons who were at a distant was possible. But the telephones could be used only inside the house. This inhibition was overcome by the invention of cell phones. The call phones or mobile phones were introduced by the Motorola Company in 1973. In these few years, mobile phones have come a long way than any other invention in a shorter span of time.

The mobile phones gave an effective way of communication between different persons. Initially, it was used much for talking and sending message. Mobile phones or cell phones are now used for various purposes other than talking and messaging.

The meaning of communication has changed after the invention of internet. There are many social networks, where you are connected with a friend who is in a different country. You get to meet new people, get new friends, search and find lost childhood friends, etc. This way you stay in touch with people, who are faraway. You can grow your network of friends.

The mobile phone is also called as cell phone. With the growth of technology, internet was not only used in computers but also in mobile phones. These were called as smart phone, which brought the world into your hands. The mobile phone service providers, give you access to the internet. It is not necessary for you to have a computer or laptop. In fact many internet users are through mobile phones.
As the market has developed, there is a huge competition and lot of mobile phones available in the market. There are many phones introduced every month and lot of service providers also. In many countries, mobile phone service has gone from 2G to 3G to 4G now. Infact, people have started talking about 5G lately. But in many parts of Africa, mobile phones have not reached the 4G yet.
Still, people in African countries are known to mobile phones and the technology is booming in those parts. It helps in their daily lives in many ways. But most of it is not known to the other parts of the world. There are many start up projects in Africa, which can also be effectively used by other countries of the world. In Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries, people use internet through mobile phones. Not many people have a computer and internet facility. They rely on their phones more on

With a method of paying money, called as M-Pesa, which was introduced by Vodafone in South Africa payment of money has become easy. You can pay money to an M-pesa retailer and ask them to send money to the person’s phone. The concerned person gets a message, with which he can get money in a ban or another retailer. This M-pesa can be used to pay for your Taxi, shops, etc. This way of sending money is very effective and useful as you need not carry the cash with you. Some places you have to travel a distance to get to your banks. In African countries, where the crime rate is quite high, it helps you to be safe with this cashless transfer. This method is followed in various countries in Africa.





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Technology in Africa is booming now. You cannot find anyone without the mobile phones there. In fact one study states that there are more mobile phones in use in Kenya than the total population of the country. Still, the start-ups require more funding, which is not possible only through the local funding. It also requires, fund from other parts of the world to kick start the projects, which would not only be helpful for the African countries alone. Since the progress of technology is quite slow in African countries, these start up projects are not known in other countries. Also, the government should take steps to improve the education.  And life style of people. This would help to get global attention to get more funds to do more projects.

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Thus, mobile phone with their apps and other technologies, help in many ways.

There are lot of mobile apps, which help people in their in their day to day life. Some apps are not known to people. To mention a few:
There are lot of mobile apps, which help people in their in their day to day life. Some apps are not known to people. To mention a few:
There are lot of mobile apps, which help people in their in their day to day life. Some apps are not known to people. To mention a few:

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